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Monday, September 28 2009
Fall is in the air and that can only mean one thing......Yesteryear Fair.  The week is going to be busy with exciting community activities leading up to Homecoming on Friday night.  Saturday is the annual Homecoming parade and with a Wizard of Oz theme it's a "must see".  I can't wait to see 30 munchkins belting out Follow the Yellow Brick Road and Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!  Following the parade is the Historical Society's annual Yesteryear Fair.  It's a time to unplug from our fast paced electronic age and experience life as is used to be.  Bring the kids and grandkids and let them see blacksmithing, soap making and flint knapping.  They can make a rope, play games and ride a horse drawn trolly, all for FREE.  Relax with a bowl of homemade ham and beans and cornbread, listen to some wonderful acoustic music and enjoy a beautiful October day.  Hope to see you there.
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